As the popularity of dry-aging steak becomes more and more popular, grill enthusiasts and beef connoisseurs from every walk of life have become fascinated in the process. After all, why shouldn’t the steak we eat at home be any less tender and flavorful than the cuts we enjoy at our favorite steakhouses and fine restaurants? The dry aging process is surprisingly simple in theory, but make no mistake, not all home steak aging units are created equal. 

Dry-aged beeg technology with SteakAgerAs the industry’s leading provider of personal at-home steak aging systems, SteakAger uses the most advanced technology available, and has invested greatly in the research and development of our products. The end result is steaks that are just as tender and mouthwatering as what you’d expect from your favorite restaurant. Here’s just a sampling of the technology that goes into every SteakAger.

  • Innovative air circulation fans to ensure even, constant wicking of moisture
  • Advanced dehumidification to consistently remove water from the cabinet
  • Anti-germicidal UVC lights that continually circulate to keep air clean
  • Dual Mode Active Humidification option for extended beef dry-aging cycles
  • Optimal temperature range switchable between dry-aging and charcuterie curing
  • Danby Refrigeration to ensure that your cuts stay fresh and protected
  • App monitoring via Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth to help monitor various stages

Whether you’re new to dry-aging beef or have been doing it for years, we invite you to discover what makes SteakAger the most trusted name in at-home steak dry aging. We offer a wide variety of units to accommodate the needs of families big and small, as well as a full selection of steak aging accessories and some of the best subprimals in the business. 

For more information on what makes SteakAger the best choice for dry-aging beef at home, visit our technology page or get in touch with our staff for more personalized assistance.