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The Technology Behind
The Perfect Dry-Age

Pro 40

The PRO 40 SteakAger uses our exclusive computer controlled systems to create the perfect microclimate for dry-aging beef or making charcuterie at home.

  • Our air circulation fans move precise volumes of air across all surfaces of the meat to ensure even, constant wicking of moisture from the cut(s)
  • Dehumidification cycling constantly removes water from the cabinet
  • Anti germicidal UVC light keeps circulating air clean
  • As your chamber humidity falls during charcuterie curing or extra long dry-aging cycles, Dual Mode Active Humidification option is available using only fresh clean water
  • Every PRO 40 is programmed for optimal temperature range switchable between dry-aging and charcuterie curing
  • Deep within every PRO 40 is refrigeration by Danby
  • App monitoring by bluetooth and /or wifi keeps you connected!
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Truss Racks & Hooks

SteakAger trussing accessories are purposefully designed for quick and easy handling, increased airflow and a seamless fit in any PRO unit.

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Dual-Mode Humidification

Take the adventure up a notch with humidification technology. As your chamber humidity falls during charcuterie curing or extra long ages, Dual-Mode Active Humidification steps in to provide increased control over unit humidity using fresh, clean water.

Just right for you

Find a PRO 40 tech bundle that suits your dry-aging needs. Each bundle has been created with your needs in mind, including a PRO 40 and accessories that make it easy for you to achieve the perfect dry-aged steak.

The Charcuterie Pack

The perfect bundle for anyone ready to explore the wide world of making charcuterie. With a PRO 40,  Dual-Mode Active Humidification add-on, and Sausage Makers Kit, you can start making your own charcuterie boards at home!

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The Ultimate Pack

Dive in and get the ultimate introduction to SteakAger. With a PRO 40, Dual-Mode Active Humidification and Truss Kit, you’ve got everything you need to live the art of dry-aging.

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I have the Pro 40 and have aged some Tomahawk Rib Eye Steaks that would rival Steakhouse restaurants such as Morton's, Ruth's Chris for tenderness and taste profiles. The owner of the Steak Ager Company … is as world class as his products, he takes the time to answer any questions concerning his products and has great Passion for all facets of the products he sell's. Note to have great steaks you first have to start with quality meat such as Prime etc.

Al B., Michigan

Got the Pro 40 for my husband it is great... Finally tried some 35 day Aged Boneless Ribeye last Friday and they turned out great. The flavor was awesome.. My husband currently has a short loin (Porter House) in the ager and he is going for 40 days... 15 more days to go. My husband is really enjoying the SteakAger.

Mabel, Ohio

I have the Pro 40 and previously had the Original SteakAger. Both products are awesome and it just depends on how much awesome meat you want to age at one time. My experience with the company has been very positive that left me knowing that these are good people that stand behind their products and their customers. Take the leap, get one that fits your budget and space, and start turning good steak into great steak!

Dale C., Utah