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Dive right into dry-aging and curing artisanal meats at home with the Ultimate Bundle!

With a PRO 40, Dual-Mode Active Humidification, two vertical Truss Racks, and a Sausage Makers Kit, you’ve got everything you need to master the art of dry-aging and charcuterie.

Specially engineered for dry-aging and curing, the PRO 40 offers reliable refrigeration and innovative technology packed into a compact size and sleek exterior, at an affordable price. The unit can safely age up to 40lbs of beef (2 full subprimals), perfect for those wanting to dry-age larger quantities, stagger aging cycles, or experiment with your favorite cuts.

Monitor your dry-aging experience at any time with our mobile app where you can track length of age, temperature, and humidity.

Width 18.875" Depth 18.25" Height 33.125"

Ships in 7-14 days from order date.

SteakAgers are made in North Carolina, USA with domestic and imported parts.

12-month conditional warranty on parts and labor.

Duty and taxes on international orders will be collected by FedEx upon/before delivery.

International Power Supply is necessary for operation outside of the US and Canada.

Beef sold separately.