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Get started producing world class dry-aged beef with our best selling, affordable, stand-alone refrigerated new PRO 40.

Designed, engineered and assembled in North Carolina, USA, the PRO 40 has capacity to process 2 full subprimals plus more depending on load configuration. The PRO 40 has an compact footprint and makes a great entry point into the passion of creating steak perfection at home.

The PRO 40 always comes with a standard hanging rack, two meat hooks, and two bundles of trussing twine, so you're ready to get aging right out of the box. You can always expand your PRO 40 capabilities at any time by adding truss racks and active humidification for long dry cycles or to make charcuterie.

Steakager technology is fabricated with heavy duty US stainless steel and is modularly designed for easy removal and cleaning as well as repairing and upgrading.

Monitor your dry-aging experience at any time with our iOS mobile app where you can track length of age, temperature, and humidity.


Width 18.875" Depth 18.25" Height 33.125"

Installation type: Freestanding

Interior Capacity: 4 cu.ft. Up to 50 lb load capacity based on configuration.

Germicidal light: UVC cold cathode germicidal lamp

12-month conditional warranty on parts and labor.

SteakAgers are assembled in North Carolina, USA with domestic and imported parts.

Ships in 7-14 days from order date.

Duty and taxes on international orders will be collected by UPS upon/before delivery.

International Power Supply is necessary for operation outside of the US and Canada.

Beef sold separately.