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The original SteakAger, re-invented and Made in Boone, North Carolina!  

Anyone with a primary or garage fridge can now use the PRO 15 to dry-age up to 15 lbs of beef at home and enjoy amazing steaks anytime. Our patented technology creates a microclimate inside your refrigerator that manages humidity to create the perfect dry-aging environment. 

With a sleek, stainless steel exterior and thoughtful design, the PRO 15 is easy to load and looks great in any primary or garage fridge nested vertically or horizontally. Power is supplied by running a 12Vdc power cord, under the door seal on the hinge side of the refrigerator, to any nearby power plug. 

Each PRO 15 comes with a Horizontal Truss Rack so you can maximize load and truss the cut of beef easily.

Dimensions : 16.9" (H) x 11.2" (D) x 9" (W)

Ships 7-15 days from order date.