Have you ever wanted to enjoy steakhouse-quality steaks from the comfort of your own home? Now you can with the innovative technology of SteakAger products. The PRO 40 SteakAger uses a proprietary, computer-controlled system to create an optimal microclimate for dry-aging beef and making charcuterie. Here’s what makes this revolutionary product stand out from the rest.

Premium SteakAger for dry-aging meat

Dehumidification Cycling

The PRO 40 has a dehumidification system that constantly removes water from the cabinet. This helps maintain an ideal humidity level in the cabinet so that your steak will stay fresh and juicy while it ages. Not only does this keep your steak fresh, but it also prevents bacteria growth which can cause food-borne illnesses.

Air Circulation Fans

The air circulation fans in the PRO 40 move precise volumes of air across all surfaces of the meat, to ensure even, constant wicking of moisture from the cut(s). This helps preserve meat better than any other method available on the market today. The airflow is optimized to maximize long-term shelf life without sacrificing flavor or texture.

UVC Light

The UVC light helps keep circulating air clean while preventing bacteria growth in the cabinet. As humidity falls during extra-long dry-aging cycles or charcuterie curing, active humidification kicks in using only fresh clean water, ensuring that your food remains safe and tasty. And finally, every PRO 40 is programmed for optimal temperature range switchable between dry-aging and charcuterie curing – giving you complete control over how your food turns out!

Dual Mode Active Humidification Option

As your chamber humidity falls during charcuterie curing or extra-long dry-aging cycles, you can use the Dual Mode Active Humidification option with only fresh clean water. This helps keep your chamber humidity levels consistent throughout each cycle – ensuring you get perfect results every time!

With its advanced technology and customizable settings, the PRO 40 SteakAger gives steak lovers like us unprecedented control over how we prepare our meat at home! Its revolutionary technology ensures that our steaks are always tender, juicy, and full of flavor – just like a steakhouse steak should be! So if you’re looking for a unique way to treat yourself or impress your guests with perfectly cooked steaks, look no further than SteakAger products!
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