Pork loin on cutting board with knife

Lonzino - or Lomo if you are creating in the Spanish style - is a pork loin that is beautifully cured. In this recipe, the loin is seasoned with smoky paprika, garlic, arbol chile, and then hung in the Steakager Pro 40 to cure.

The result is a lean, flavourful cured meat, with just the right size for slicing at home. This style of Lonzino is also known as Lomo Embuchado and is best served thinly sliced on its own, but try it with crackers and cheese, or on a crusty baguette with melted brie. The sky is the limit with this delicious delicacy!




Start with the freshest, best pork loin you can find - ideally a locally raised heritage breed. Remove from the packaging and pat dry. Remove any loose pieces or silver skin by slicing or peeling off.

Convert the weight to grams. The recipe below is written for 2200g of pork loin, but use the percentages to calculate the exact measurements for the weight of your loin. Carefully measure your cure ingredients and aromatics based on the amounts below - use accurate measurements, ideally done with a food scale. Break up or cut up the whole chiles. Mix and blend the dry ingredients and apply as a rub onto the entire surface of the pork loin.

Insert the pork loin into a plastic food-safe bag, ideally a vacuum-sealed bag. Add all excess spice blend into the bag prior to sealing. Seal the bag with a small amount of room for air around the loin. Do not tightly vacuum seal.

Refrigerate the pork loin for 2 weeks. Massage and rotate the loin daily without opening the bag. You will observe brining and stiffness, at which point you can remove your pork loin from the bag.

Rinse the loin and pat dry, then truss it and hang in the Steakager Pro 40 with the Dual-Mode Humidification unit for about 30 days or 35% weight loss.


Dry Ingredients:


Salt: 55g   (2.5%)

Cure #2: 5.72g   (.8%)

Black Pepper: 55g   (.26%)

Smoked Paprika: 16.5g   (.75%)

Garlic Powder: 11g   (.5%)

Onion Powder: 11g   (.5%)

Arbol Powder: 11g   (.5%)

Dried Chilies: 4 whole

Red Pepper Flakes: 1 tbsp.