While we traditionally angle our articles for those with a basic understanding of the dry-aging process, we thought we would take this opportunity to help those who are new to it, or hearing the term for the very first time. That said, let’s start with the basics. Assuming that you’ve been to a fine restaurant or steakhouse before, you’ve likely noted that the steak you order tastes entirely different than what you prepare at home. It’s not some special grade of beef that only choice restaurants are privy to; it’s the dry-aging process that unleashes their unmistakable flavors and mouthwatering texture.

Platter of steak and french fries

Dry-aging is the secret to steaks that taste like those you’ve been enjoying at your favorite restaurants for years, and fortunately, it’s not much of a secret anymore. Today, anyone with the time, desire, and equipment can enjoy restaurant-quality steak at home, and at a fraction of what the best steakhouses charge. Here’s an overview of how it works:

  • Dry-aging is a process that optimizes temperature, airflow, and humidity
  • As steak dry-ages, enzymes break down the tougher tissue and fibers
  • When moisture evaporates, proteins, fats, and glycogens begin conversion
  • Once dry-aged, the true tenderness and flavor becomes fully expressed
  • The longer you dry-age, the more intense and pronounced the flavors become
  • Learn more about the science of dry-aging to better understand the process

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