One of the most frequently asked questions we hear at SteakAger, is what are the differences between dry-aged steak and steak that’s been wet-aged? Both involve a process of aging the steak in order to bring out the full profile of flavors and optimal texture, but that’s really where the similarities stop. Dry-aging and wet-aging stages result in very unique chemical reactions within the meat’s protein and fat structure, allowing you to achieve the exact texture and flavor desired.

The Differences Between Steak Dry-Aging and Wet-Aging

What Is Beef Wet-Aging?

The process of wet-aging steak involves placing a cut of meat in a vacuum-sealed bag for a given period of time, allowing it to essentially soak in its own juices. This is a more popular method for those working with smaller cuts of beef, such as individual steaks, smaller roasts, and those that has less marbling. Also, the process does not take as long as dry-aging, which makes it more desirable to some people. Temperature is a very important factor when it comes to wet-aging, and cuts are typically stored just above freezing.

What is Beef Dry-Aging?

As the preferred method of steak-aging by some of the industry’s top restaurants and steak houses, the process of dry-aging steak is done in an open air environment with close attention paid to both temperature. Dry-aging is an ideal option for those working with subprimals (larger cuts of beef), as well as beef with dense marbling, such as ribeye, T-bone, and others. Unlike wet-aging, the dry-aging process results in the formation of a highly-flavorful crust as enzymes break down to tenderize the meat.

Dry-aging times can range from a one or two weeks, up to months depending on how intense of a flavor is desired. If you’re new to dry-aging steaks and want to learn more, we encourage you to read our article on the various stages of dry-aging on our website. Aging steaks is a fun and rewarding practice, but like anything, it can take time to master. Explore our website for more information on the benefits of dry-aged steak, as well as preparation tips, recipes, and more!

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