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Get great steakhouse-quality beef delivered to your front door!

Allen Brothers USDA ribeye is distinguished by its rich marbling and natural "flavor kernel." It is this marbling that slowly melts and bastes the meat throughout the cooking process, imparting a mellow, Prime rib flavor.

Perfect for 40-50 dry-aging cycles and fantastic on the grill.

Since 1893, Allen Brothers has been serving the standards of top chefs and restaurants across America. Their meticulously hand-selected, USDA Prime beef is the choice of restaurant partners including Bohanan’s, Gallagher’s, and Nick & Sam’s. Allen Brothers sources U.S. beef from the mid and mid-northern states, where the land and climate are ideal for growing and feeding high-quality beef. Learn more by clicking here.

Each subprimal is approx. 18lbs. (10 - 12 Steaks).

Arrives by Next Day Air delivery.

Orders for beef are processed on Wednesdays and should be delivered by Friday.