If you thought that dry-aged beef was only something for those serving traditional steaks and larger cuts, you might be surprised to learn just how creative you can get with the SteakAger. The secret to any beef-based recipe is… you guessed it, the beef! Dry-aged beef can transform just about any meal or appetizer, and many are surprised to discover the depth of new flavors it brings to their go-to favorites.

Throughout the years, we’ve compiled a collection of some really impressive recipes for dry-aged beef, and wanted to share them with our fellow connoisseurs. We’ve featured a few of our favorites below and will continue to add more as the inspiration comes. Be sure to visit our Recipes page to see them all and find your new favorite!

Once you’ve personally experienced the difference that dry-aged beef can add to any meal, you’ll likely be left wondering why it took you so long to discover. Ready to get started? Browse our complete collection of SteakAger products to find the unit best for your needs, or get in touch with our staff for expert assistance. Have a dry-aged beef recipe you’d like to share with the world? Send it to us! We’ll give it a test run and consider putting it on the website.

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