One of the most common questions we hear at SteakAger is, which personal steak-aging unit is best for my specific needs? While it may seem like a simple answer, there are a few things that should be taken into consideration before deciding which unit to purchase. If you’re new to the concept of dry-aging beef at home, we suggest starting by learning more about what’s involved and how the process works. Our blog forum has lots of great articles on the benefits of steak aging and what to expect as you master the art at home.

Which Home Steak Aging Unit is Best for Your Needs

To assist those who are still on the fence over which dry-aging unit is best suited for them, we thought it would be helpful to share some of the basics, while providing a little more information on how to go about selecting a unit that meets your needs, budget, and long-term goals.

  • The SteakAger Pro 15 is perfect for smaller families and first-time users
  • For larger groups and small restaurants, consider the SteakAger Pro 40
  • SteakAger offers a wide range of accessories to help you get the best results
  • Our units are designed and manufactured for the aging of quality subprimals
  • Read our article on the Various Stages of Dry Aging Beef for helpful tips
  • Questions on where to start? The SteakAger team is here and ready to help

Dry aging beef at home is hands down the easiest and most affordable way to enjoy the unmatched taste and texture that you’d expect from a fine restaurant or steakhouse. SteakAger units are meticulously engineered to make the process as simple and fail-proof as possible. Check out our Technology page to learn more about how it all works, or reach out anytime for advice from our staff of dry-aging experts.

Get in touch with us anytime by visiting the contact page on our website. We look forward to showing you how fun, exciting, and delicious the world of steak aging can be!