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Here at Steakager we've been dry-aging and curing for over a decade. We design and produce our own technologies that have been sold in 27 countries all over the World.

Many of our customers are commercial operators looking for the benefits of dry-aged beef on the menu to drive profit and build loyalty.

The Steakager PRO Commercial Series brings you our proven technology and products designed to fit into a rated commercial cabinet that is either 9.53 cubic feet or 13.7 cubic feet in volume. Your ability to produce can be between 160 to 240 lbs at any one time.

Our commercial program is also an industry first. We'll have you purchase a Steakager-specified cabinet from our commercial partner, Edgestar ( and we sell you the Steakager technology separately. Edgestar delivers directly to your door and offers up to a 5 year warranty on the refrigeration cabinet. Steakager tech and accessories are engineered to insert directly into the refrigeration cabinet creating the perfect environment for dry-aging and curing.

A Steakager PRO Commercial Series dry-aging and curing cabinet will save you many thousands of hard-earned dollars that you can re-invest in growing your business.

Sizes available:

  • PROCOM 160 - 23.5(W) x 28.125(D) x 50(H)
  • PROCOM 240 - 23.5(W) x 28.125(D) x 67.75(H)

Warranty available:

  • 1 year standard, 3/5 year extended available